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Discover a deeper way of living life.

Programs, courses and training for women who like to up-level their personal development & femininity so that they can create harmonious relationships & well-being through our holistic practices and meditation. 

Take the quality of your life in your own hands, start today!

Narayani - Integrative Meditation Center

You find it important to do your own inner work, you have a lot of tools from different courses and programs you did but you are struggling to get all the pieces together and have this harmonious balance between heart and mind. 

You'd like to feel more balanced, free, and feel a deeper connection to yourself as a woman,


It's our job to show you how to drop deep
into your feminine body, feel
empowered in your well-being and
feel free to express yourself so that
you feel like a soft empowered
and awakened woman!

Meditate in way that feels deeply enjoyable relaxed and easy.
This is how we will get you started

Take our Quiz

Awareness is the start of all integrative transformation. You'll start your journey with our in depth quiz to get clear on your current challenges and dreams to move forward. You get a moment to take a pause in your life and re-align what is really important for you. This will set you up for a successful and integrative meditation training. 

The Online Training

The next round of our holistic meditation training will start in February 2022! This online training will give you all the tools to master the art of integrative meditation so that you can take charge of your own health and show up more fully in life. Just imagine how good it's going to feel when you know how to master work & life in a way that deeply honours your feminine essence.

Join the Tribe

You can do our training from the comfort of your own home, but you don't have to do it alone. You will do this training together with a group of women dedicated to personal growth and development so that you can step into the new version of yourself and be the woman you want to be for years to come!

Your task is not to seek love,
But, merely to seek and find all the
barriers within yourself that you have
built against it.

~ Rumi


Integrative Meditation Training for Women.
Unlock your femininty and feel a deeper connection with yourself as a woman.


8-week live group training for powerful women - next round: February 2022

One woman who is connected
to her heart energy is
more powerful than millions who are not

Work with us

1:1 applications are currently closed. 

Opportunities to work on an individual basis will open again in January 2022. 

The next online group training is starting in February 2022.

I experience heart-centred living

and more joy than ever before!

I felt that I wanted to go deeper in what it means to be a woman and I knew there was a way to do this but I didn't know HOW. I thought that was fine in my femininity but I discovered how much I held myself back with shame and guilt and I removed deep limitations so that, I, could go into deeper harmony with myself.  Now I feel a deeper connection with myself and I literally have more sensations in my heart than ever before!

I fell in love with my body. I feel good

and beautiful and unique again!

I felt a bit lost with the connection to my own feminine being. I found myself comparing to other women and being a lot in my head when it comes to beauty. Even tho I felt content with myself, l knew there was more for me to experience. I felt insecure when it comes to setting boundaries, I was a lot in my head and worrying what other people think about me. Now I got the tools to feel empowered in myself. I have the confidence to put my boundaries, to slow down, to love myself, and to feel what I really want instead of thinking too much about it. Yes! This really boosted my self-esteem to feel feminine and free and confident in myself.

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