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Couple Retreat

Intimate Lovers

JUNE 16 - JUNE 22 2023, BALI

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If you are a power couple on the tantrik path of personal growth & development, ready to amplify your intimacy and turbocharge your lovemaking while having lots of fun with your partner, then join Arja Hendrikx International Tantra Teacher & Expert for a heart centered retreat in Bali!

Gazing into your partner’s eyes...

goosebumps race up your legs as your breath quickens. Strong energy spirals up your spine, angulating your body to the sky as your heart trumps with joy.

A surge of utter knowing courses through your entire being as you melt into the arms of your beloved. Looking at the Balinese temples and ceremonial altar, you understand at your core why Bali is called “The island of the Gods.”

The entire space feels so charged that your old tired ways of melting away, and an epic feeling of inner freedom and strong self-confidence washes over you; you can completely exhale…

As you look back at your partner, your eyes tear up, a state of inner ecstasy washes over your body, and you have the most magnificent feeling that your intimacy will never be quite the same…

Welcome to the Intimate Lovers Retreat!

An inner calling has guided you to discover the most precious teachings on tantrik intimacy.

You totally believe that the relationship with your beloved & fulfilling intimacy is the core of leading a healthy, happy, abundant life. Are you ready to take it to the next level?

By the end of this retreat, you’ve got access to incredible knowledge that holds the secret ingredient to a happy, passionate, mind-blowing and extraordinary life & relationships.

Something that improves your overall happiness in life, your health, your well-being and how good you feel every single day you wake up.

There is ancient knowledge being re-discovered and transmitted from teacher to student that brings you unforgettable experiences in the bedroom.

It gives exquisite pleasure that drives both men & women wild, gives full body sensations and ends up making your intimate life outrageously awesome in a way your entire health, body & well-being benefits.

So imagine the effect of 7 extraordinary days spent in the company of your partner, together with other motivated, committed and inspiring couples who are all there for the same thing: to have the most magical relationship and lovemaking possible. Yes!

It is time to super-size your ability to FEEL your body and the electric energy that can be generated between you and your partner so you can both tap into the flow of love in a way that feels so deep, playful, profound, fun and intimate, it will crack you open on a level of the soul. 

Is this you...?

You & your partner yearn for experiences that are awe-inspiring, soul-stirring, heart-opening and above all, life-changing. 

You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that doing your own inner work is the key to a thriving & conscious relationship. 

You’ve already come a long way in allowing yourselves to be vulnerable & continue to show up for yourself & each other. 

You both desire adventure and love exploring new things that are possible in the bedroom. You want to feel worthy of the best love and lovemaking imaginable and experience the depth of it ALL THE WAY.

You love meeting other like-minded couples and exchanging ideas & possibilities. 

You long to be taken to other dimensions through your lovemaking and desire the guidance of an expert to take you out of your own patterns & routines. 

If you answered YES to five of these or more...

Then this couples retreat was made especially with the two of YOU in mind…

That’s exactly why you’re going to LOVE the Intimate Lovers couples retreat. This 7-day tantra retreat is designed to guide you through a transformational journey while also receiving the proper education & tantrik training to mature in your personal & spiritual development journey, both for yourself and within your couple.

It’s 7 days of intimate devotion with your partner, delicious organic food, Balinese temples & tantrik rituals, learning new tools, techniques & practices, spirituality, and a lot of FUN - because we can all bring more playfulness in the bedroom! This exquisitely curated training is designed for YOU, combining the ultimate study of tantrik teachings with a heart-opening romantic adventure that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

There’s something about the magical energy of Bali that will inspire you and your imagination – the perfect place to embody, amplify your eros energy, and empower each other to soar in life and relationships!

Not only will you be taking your relationship to the next level ― even more crucially, you’ll be taking YOURSELF to the next level.

*Note: this retreat is for experienced couples who are used to investing in their personal development and relationships. Having gone through introductory courses on tantra is a pre before joining this retreat.

So what can you expect if you.... 

  • spend 7 incredible days and 6 romantic nights prioritizing your partner, flirting with your divinity, and luxuriating yourself on an auspicious adventure on the islands of the gods?

  •  Well, what if you got the EXACT inspiration you needed to uplevel your lovemaking, feel more confident in the bedroom and practically know what to DO in the bedroom to have the most intimately connecting and consciously inspired lovemaking?

  • What if you finally figured out a UNIQUE way that stops you from falling into habitual patterns, doesn’t get you distracted, and takes the routine forever out of your lovemaking?

  • And what if you had access to incredible tantra teachings that give you a down-to-earth yet spiritually grounded approach to making love in ALL the ways, from wild & animalistic, to sensual & seductive, to powerful & passionate and intimate & devotional?!

  • And what if you could get answers to ALL your questions in real-time from an expert who has done this all before you?

  • And on top of ALL THAT, what would it mean to you if you received a powerful transmission that will shift the way you relate to your sexuality on a level that goes far beyond the mind so you can fully relax and deeply enjoy the depth of your lovemaking for years to come?

    Would THAT be worth coming to Bali for?

    Yes, without a doubt! Here’s the thing: BEFORE you even step foot on the plane, you’ll get access to the intimate lovers online portal with free entry to my premium masterclass on tantric sensuality, so you & the other couples are on the same page to dive deep right away. And to make sure you get the absolute MOST from this amazing experience, we’ll get together on a group call BEFORE the retreat to prepare you for the journey.

    Take advantage of this rare opportunity

    to identify your blind spots, amplify your strengths, solve intimate challenges, get support, and increase the power of your erotic energy… all within a completely safe and empowering community of like-minded couples.

    This is a retreat TRAINING.

    So that means you’ll get educational content, techniques and tantrik practices (that actually work!) so you feel confident in what to do in the bedroom.

    By the end of the 7 days

    you’ll be overflowing with valuable tips, rituals, devotional practices and orgasmic strategies (I am not kidding :D) to help you in your growth on this tantric path.

    We’re in this together. It’s all about coming from a place of vulnerability and supporting each other to show up, play, get messy, feel things you didn’t know you were capable of feeling and open yourself to new pathways of pleasure.

    The new paradigm of tantik consciousness is here. Are you ready to be a part of it?

    The Venue...

    Bali, is called the island of the Gods, and for good reason. Spirit is alive on this land.

    The Balinese pray for spiritual alignment and awakening of consciousness. Each stone, house, river, tree, shop, car, & road gets blessed by local priestesses on a regular basis. Considered one of the power spots of this planet where energy is easily accessible, “Mama Bali” supports deep internal work while amplifying your abilities to manifest the relationships of your dreams.

    Residing 7 days in this energy filled with grace will lift up your soul in ways only mysterious energy can. So if you are already comfortable with the ceremony and craving precious time in a sacred space, Bali will absolutely astound and delight you.

    You'll spend 6 nights in a luxury villa with gorgeous views in the middle of rice fields. The villas are made to make love in! Spread around a saltwater pool and vibrant gardens, you’ll be in the perfect sanctuary to unplug from daily life and turn all your attention to romantic times.

     The Villas...

    The bohemian decor will soothe your soul as you remember what it is like to slow down and enjoy life. Each Villa has its own eco-bathroom with open-air shower so you can have the ultimate Bali experience! Plus the entire retreat centre is privatized just for its guests. You’ll feel like you’ve found a secret oasis that only YOU know about…

    Below are the different villa options for your luxurious stay:

    Amrita Villa

    $4500 per couple

    You'll instantly love this villa's cosy atmosphere and charming feeling.With 34 sqm Villa Amrita is the most compact out of the villa selection. You'll have a beautiful view of the luscious gardens from the balcony. The eco-bathroom has an open-air shower so that you can enjoy the ultimate Bali experience!


    Spanda Villa

    $4650 per couple

    The atmosphere of this 47sqm villa is filled with the vibrant energy of Bali! You'll have a large balcony from which you can admire the unique Balinese sunsets and endless rice fields with a fresh coconut in your hand. With the eco-style interior and open-air shower, the two of you will merge with the elements around you. 


    Laxmi Villa

    $4999 per couple

    The spacious Vip Villa is made to make love in! This will be your own private oasis where you'll enjoy your incredible love dates. This villa boasts a bathtub and an open-air shower. The bathroom will surprise you with a panoramic window overlooking the lush tropical greenery for picturesque views when you are sensually enjoying yourself or each other in the tub. 


    How to save your spot:

    You'll pay a non-refundable $900 deposit with sign-up; the remaining balance is due by April 30th.

    What is included:

    🌹 7 incredible days with your partner diving into tantrik teachings, guided couple practices & erotic rituals + lots of intimate time all week!

    🌹 6 romantic nights in the luxurious villa of your choice.

    🌹 Access to the Intimate Lovers online portal & pre-training.

    🌹 Six delicious organic brunches every day you wake up in this private oasis.

    🌹 Six mouth-watering organic dinners as the night falls.

    🌹 Daily coconuts, herbal teas, unlimited nanogold hydrogen water okara, and ‘just the perfect amount” of fruit snacks before your morning practice. 

    🌹 Excursions & entrance fees to sacred sites in Bali & blessings by Balinese priestesses.

    🌹 Surprise events – they will remain a secret for now, but all I can tell you is that it will make your head spin around, your eyes pop out, and your heart pound!

    🌹 Unlimited access to the saltwater pool with an incredible view of the volcanoes & ricefields. 

    🌹 A donation on your behalf to “Bali Street Mums.” Their goal is to keep young women & teenage girls off the streets, saving them from prostitution by providing proper education, food, clothing & housing.

    What is not included:

    🌹 Flights or travel costs to reach the venue.

    🌹 Airport transfer & taxis.

    🌹Other non-included items would be personal phone calls, extra spa services, and laundry.

    🌹Personal, medical, or trip cancellation insurance.

    Meals made with Love

    Be prepared for your mouth to water in anticipation of each and every meal. Taken family-style in a spacious and gracious dining room, you’ll feel the skill and love poured into each bite. Featuring homemade organic food, mealtime is an experience in and of itself.

    All your senses will be delighted by the homey atmosphere combined with the exquisite new friendships with other couples and perfectly spiced sweet and savoury dishes. In between meals, you’ll be sipping on coconut water, herbal teas and hydrating yourself with nanogold okara water, so your stay here positively influences your overall health.

    Can’t eat this or that? No problem – we’re happy to accommodate any of your food preferences.

    Your tantrik initiation 

    Step back into another world where seeing lovemaking as sacred is completely normal. Where the intimate power is used as a way to elevate consciousness, where nudity is seen as a form of art and where pleasure & prayer go hand in hand…

    As you enter this space, you both know its time for a major breakthrough, you feel it, it’s in the Balinese air…

    But how do you move past the intimate challenges that still show up? How do you release those subtle (or loud!) limiting thoughts in your mind or old stuck memories in your body?

    And how do you dare to shine your sensual power without feeling worried to get judged? Epic, you-never-thought-it-possible-transformations are happening while working with the power of sensual energy.

    You’re devoting yourself to the become the living repository of ancient wisdom.Each day you’ll call in a different archetype to fuel the transformative process of your intimacy. You’ll start your days with a morning ritual, movement & embodiment practice to relax your mind and enliven your spirit.

    Through a step-by-step approach you’ll use these archetypes of the wild, sensual, passionate & devotional lover to identify the ways you’ve made (often unconscious) choices to limit yourself and learn new ways to harness the power of your sensual energy and relate with your partner intimately.

    You are going to explore the rituals that arouse and awaken your sensuality and eroticism on a whole deeper level. Together with your beloved, you will embark on an erotic journey where cosmic consciousness will penetrate you on every level of your being. 

    It is a very rare opportunity to be guided on using your sensual energy in such a devoted, sacred and unique way that leaves the ordinary forms of lovemaking far behind.

    These transformations aren’t simply “out of this world,” you’ll take your new consciousness, fresh perspectives and ability to shift your thoughts and emotions back home and see major results in your home life, relationships, career, business, health and finances. 

     What You Are Going to Walk Away With…

  • 🌹 4 new ways to experience your lovemaking through the sensual archetypes.

  • 🌹 The key to using your erotic energy as a force for a higher connection with yourself and your partner.

  • 🌹 How to deeply embody your lovemaking, explore your potential and reclaim it through my step-by-step intimate lovers framework.

  • 🌹 Powerful Tantrik practices like energy transmissions, yantra, mantra & mudra practices for erotic energy mastery. 

  • 🌹 Tantrik Rituals & initiations to connect in deeper intimacy together. 

    🌹 Tantrik teachings on the sexuality of the chakras, sensual states of consciousness & energy anatomy. 

    🌹 Plus the essence of the teachings on how to bridge your sensuality & spirituality and let this connection be completely natural to you.

    Your facilitator

    International Tantra Teacher & Holistic Expert.

    Arja Hendrikx

    I am so deeply honored and excited to host retreats in person again. There is something so incredibly magical about couples coming together to step into a power that society tries to suppress.

    After I released all my own shame and insecurities about lovemaking and being sensual, I found such freedom in myself as a woman; now it's my life's mission to support other women finding that same confidence within themselves and spread the magic of these teachings, and I can't wait to welcome YOU!

    Here's a bit more about my background & bio:

    When people first meet me nowadays, they believe I have always been super sensual and in touch with my own pleasure, but they couldn't be more wrong. In fact, I used to feel very ashamed of my own body. I rarely felt orgasmic and thought feeling sore after sex was normal.

    When I discovered Tantra, I found out how wrong I was! I discovered there is a completely different approach to lovemaking than I knew it.

    Learning this new way of making love I started to be orgasmic, enjoy hours of lovemaking and learned how to express myself sensually, exactly the way I wanted

    Learning this new way of making love, I started to be orgasmic, enjoyed hours of lovemaking, and learned how to express myself sensually exactly the way I wanted.Now, years later, I have helped hundreds of men & women radically transform their lovemaking, and have the intimate relationships of their dreams. and get in touch with their own sensuality so that they feel powerful both in and out of the bedroom.

    And now it's your turn.

    Couples who worked with Arja before you

    Yes, Arja! We are in!

    Amrita Villa

    $4500 per couple


    Spanda Villa

    $4650 per couple


    Laxmi Villa

    $4999 per couple


    How to save your spot:

    You'll pay a non-refundable $900 deposit with sign-up; the remaining balance is due by April 30th.