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If you've ever been hesitant to speak up intimately, scared that your words might be taken the wrong way or ruin the moment; This course is for you! 

Feel Empowered to Speak up! Fully express your desires with confidence AND be appreciated & honoured like a Queen!

This online course teaches you HOW 


Feel Empowered to Speak Up!

You are in a romantic setting, 

and even tho you have a good time, things aren’t going fully as you like…

Maybe he’s going too fast.. Too rough… Kinda making you cringe at times… Instead of speaking up, you just let it happen, waiting for the moment to pass, knowing that the next moment will feel good again…

You’d love to be able to speak up with confidence, but you’re worried it would kill the mood, and it seems better to stay quiet than share your deeper truth…

I totally get it babe...

Queen's Confidence 👑 

I used to stay quiet in the bedroom, feeling tense inside when things didn’t feel so good but not wanting to ruin the moment.

Instead of honouring myself & my needs, I would please him. 

Until I discovered, there are ways to communicate like a Queen in the bedroom.

This way of communicating was is the feminine way, and nobody ever taught me that.

The tools are specifically designed to encourage a man,
and NOT trigger him ;)

Practising these communication skills, I started to feel more confident & empowered.
I knew exactly what to say and how to say it.

And guess what? HIS reaction AMAZED me!

He loves it 🤩

He gets excited! It turns him ON instead of OFF.

👉 And the best part? I now have the connection & intimacy I truly desire with HIM. 

What if; you would know HOW to speak up,
in a way he would honour you like a real Queen too

What if it was possible to discover your authentic expression so that you feel powerful to say, show and share what you want, while dropping into your feminine softness?

Instead of just waiting for that moment to pass… there is a way of communicating so you get what you *actually want* in the bedroom.


This is what is possible: 

 ❌ No more feeling of suddenly losing connection. 

❌ No more holding back expressing yourself fully. 

❌ No more concerns about his reaction. 

How amazing would that feel?

Learning the secrets to communicating like a Queen changed EVERYTHING for me.
I learned these powerful communication tools that won't be taken as a personal criticism,
instead - men take it as a GIFT, and are curious to know more!

Communicating like a Queen isn’t actually that difficult! 
But you do need to know the right tools & practices, 
✔️ That's what I am here for! 🤟

This Communicate Like a Queen mini-course
is meant as a roadmap for every woman who's felt
unheard or uncertain in expressing her deepest bedroom desires. 

Get my exact bedroom script so you know what to say (and what not to say) to make your bedroom experience more intimate, pleasurable, and enjoyable for both of you.


Inside this course you will get super practical tools that ACTUALLY WORK!

Get instant access to 5 concise, power-packed videos (5-15 mins each).
All filled with actionable tips and SUPER practical - in the heat of the moment tips 🫦
Within an hour, know ALL the essentials —learn, play & conquer your bedroom like a Queen!

Get Queens Confidence

The secret to have Queen’s confidence is to feel free to speak about your desires & needs. If you feel afraid of rejection, or worried it will disrupt his flow, this first video is giving you ALL the confidence you need to practice speaking up. 

Receive my EXACT
Bedroom Scripts

Not sure what to say, how to say it AND make it sound sexy at the same time? A real Queen knows it's not about what you say, but HOW you say it. You get the exact bedroom-scripts that I have used personally & oh my they WORK ;)

Get the tools to invite him
to speak up too ;)

Maybe you've heard him say "I don't like to talk" and you don't wan't this to be a one-way street, right? This secret tool will get BOTH of you to share in a way he'll actually enjoy it.

Post Intimacy Mastery

It’s not just about speaking like a Queen during the intimate act, certain conversations are better to happen after. You will get my absolute favourite - right after- exercise that will improve your intimacy right away!

Bold Queens Only

Want to know how to communicate AND stay connected to your body? That is what this video is for. You'll be receiving an (edgy) exercise that will bring all your desires into reality. 
Bonus: Share it with your (future) partner.

+ Masterclasses for Queens

Queens need to get spoiled, that’s why you get 2 EPIC masterclasses and 1 BONUS workshop included too! These 60-90 minute videos are going to be an absolute life-changer.

Queen's Deeper Dive 👇

For those that want to truly master the art:
Dive DEEP with my most populair masterclasses that will make
you feel like royalty! 👑✨

Better Boundaries
in the Bedroom

A real Queen has strong boundaries.

She knows how to set them with elegance & grace so that others actually respect her. Are you ready to embrace the teachings of true Queenship and embody the poise that comes with assertive elegance?

THAT is what you learn in this 90-min masterclass. 

Flirtatious Talking 

Ready to master the art of sensual communications? Refine your ability to express your desires with dignity. This 90-minute masterclass will empower you in the art of seduction.

Bonus: This masterclass caters to men and women, providing insights from both perspectives. 🤩

⭐️ BONUS ⭐️
 How to bring out the best
in your man 

Inspire his best; a woman's masterclass on how to bring out the best in your man.

This 60-min masterclass is a REAL HIT. 
It gives you the powerful tools & techniques to unlock the greatness in him, so that your man will meet you in the way you DESIRE. 

Sounds Good? I sure think so, I bet this is your favourite Bonus. 😉

Think of this like a sit-down-moment-with-your-older-sister kind of course to learn her strategies and secrets to be a REAL queen when it comes to freely communicating desires, and openly voicing juicy fantasies in the bedroom with grace and ease (and no thought spirals). 🫦


Hi, I am Arja,

And it's my job to show you how to drop deep into your body, feel empowered in your sexuality and feel free to express yourself so that you can enjoy deep, enjoyable, incredible, amazing, electric, extraordinary and mind-blowing lovemaking.

❤️‍🔥When people first meet me nowadays, they believe I have always been super sensual and in touch with my own desires, but they couldn't be more wrong. In fact, I used to feel very ashamed in my own body. I rarely felt o-ga5mic and I thought that feeling sore after lovemaking was normal. 🤯

When I discovered there is a completely different approach to lovemaking as I knew - it blew my mind! 

Learning this new way of making love I started to be o-ga5mic, enjoy hours of lovemaking and learned how to express myself in the bedroom, exactly the way I wanted.

Now, years later, I have helped hundreds of men & women to radically transform their lovelifes, have the intimate relationships of their dreams. and get in touch with their own sensuality so that they feel powerful both in and out of the bedroom.

And now it's your turn. 🫦

Step into your power with our proven strategies, designed specifically for you.
Join a community of women who are transforming their bedroom communication.
With this toolkit in your pocket, you won't ever go wrong - ever again! 💃🏼

Join us today to unlock the secrets to
confident, empowered communication in the bedroom. ❤️‍🔥

Testimonials from other Queens
who worked with Arja 

Increased Confidence

"I felt lost with the connection with my feminine body and Arja helped me to increase my self-esteem. I got the tools to set my own boundaries and now put them with confidence. I feel more in my body and less in my head so that I feel connected with what I really want as a woman."

Chantal, Radiologist, Netherlands 

Changed Everything!

"I started this course with the deep desire to connect to myself. I have done a lot of personal work but sexuality always seemed to be such a big step and I didn't really feel a desire. This course changed everything! I feel connected to my own sensuality. I feel pleasure in my body, I am able to relax, let go, enjoy the intimate connection with myself."

Alexandra, Project manager, Germany

Magic Electricity

"By implementing everything I learned in this course it transformed my relationship!
I felt there wasn't enough spark between us using everything I learned our lovemaking went back to how it was at the start of our relationship and became like magic electricity!"

Amanda, Business consultant, UK

A New World

"I have always wanted to try, but the opportunity never came up. Joining Arja's course was like a new world opening for me. Before, I was lonely and had no self esteem... I learned so much through Arja's work - how to set my boundaries... People say I have a shine in my eyes now."

Seriana Oonk, Entrepreneur, NL

True Transformation

"I wanted to go deeper into the bedroom with my partner and I didn't know how. The course was truly a transformation for me and I now feel a deeper connection during lovemaking and have heart-centred lovemaking with my partner."

Lexi, EFT Therapist, Australia

I'll teach my kids!

"I wish I had learned all of this earlier. I want to teach my future daughters and sons about their bodies. If I'd have known some of this sooner, things may have been different for me."

Hannah, Photographer, Netherlands



🔓 Unlock Queenly confidence in minutes!

Sign up for instant access to 5 concise, power-packed videos (5-15 mins each). Each filled with actionable tips. Within an hour, master the essentials—learn, play & conquer your bedroom like a Queen!


Enjoy three of my most popular masterclasses (60-90 mins each) on the foundations of feminine communications.

Flirtatious Talking: Mastering Sensual Communication

Feminine Foundations:
A masterclass to setting boundaries in bed


Inspire his best: a woman's masterclass on How to bring out the best in your man

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